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        2. Core advantages of Gushine

          • Talent allocation

            Guxin Electronics has more than 50 full-time R&D personnel in Zhuhai headquarters, Shenzhen, and the United States. The R&D team has the ability to design software, hardware, structure, and product testing. Most of the R&D personnel have more than 8 to 10 years of experience in the lithium battery industry, and can quickly provide customers with professional and deeply customized power management solutions.

          • Technical capability

            ● Structural design of IPX7 and IPX8 waterproof batteries
            ● Design of la, lb, ATEX, IECEx and other coal safety and intrinsically safe explosion-proof batteries
            ● Low temperature battery - 40 ℃ discharge to meet 70% discharge
            ● Battery service life platform software for remote monitoring of battery service life and seamless connection with terminal customers
          • Hardware facilities

            The test center shall establish a fully functional reliability laboratory according to IEC62133, UL2054, UN38.3 and other standards.
            Ensure that the products meet the needs of industry customers with high quality.

            Test capability
            ● High temperature test ● Smoke test ● Waterproof test
            ● Extrusion test ● Needle test ● Vibration test
            ● Drop test ● Electrostatic test ● Short circuit test
            ● Overcharge test
          • BMS

            The battery management system (BMS) is the link between the battery and the user, which can improve the utilization rate of the battery and prevent the battery from overcharging and over discharging.

            major function
            ● Accurate estimation of SOC
            ● Fault diagnosis
            ● Balance control between batteries
            ● Real time tracking of battery operation status and parameter inspection
            ● Charging and discharging control
            ● Support USB communication and CAN bus communication

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